Alexis Lobato was born in Morelia, Michoacán in Mexico, and raised in San Jose, California. His influences began as a young child with the fascinations from his cultural artistic ancestors like Frida Kahlo. He grew to be a keen observer of how bottomless personalities and art are a translation on understanding the meaning of life.

His inspiration comes from literature and films that have a connection to the roots of a culture, the artistic influences, and the psychological state of a person of how the environment influenced their choices. Having recently finished a mixed media project doing to do with the upheld stages of childhood. He interviewed a group of individuals about a reoccurring dream that propel them to understand it, and challenging them to mesh a web back to where their identity began to develop.

He is currently studying at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California where he is majoring in photography. In his academic studies and artistic approaches led to a convention of freedoms on how his characters befall a powerful engagement of a transitional stage in their lives.